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News Xchange 2023 | Dublin | 19-20 June 2023 | The frontlines of news

Speaking at News Xchange 2023:

Noel Curran WEB V1 JPG
Noel Curran
Prime Minister Liz Truss Official Portrait
Leo Varadkar WEB V4 JPG
Leo Varadkar TD
Angelina Kariakina WEB 2
Angelina Kariakina
CNN Digital Rebranding 2014John King
John King
Laura HS
Laura Kuenssberg
Paul Bascobert WEB 4 jpg
Paul Bascobert
WEB thumbnail_Rachel Corp_ITN Copyright
Rachel Corp
Lyse Syria HS WEB
Lyse Doucet
Steve Rosenburg WEB V3 jpg
Steve Rosenberg
Marina Ovsyannikova WEB
Marina Ovsyannikova
Christophe_Deloire WEB 2
Christophe Deloire
Kamal WEB 1
Kamal Ahmed
Clodagh Griffin
John+Sweeney WEB 4
John Sweeney
Matt Shea HS WEB
Matt Shea
Helje Solberg
Helje Solberg
Tváře ČT
Martin Řezníček
RTÉ Prime Time presenter Miriam O'CallaghanApril 2021
Miriam O'Callaghan
Phil Chetwynd WEB
Phil Chetwynd
Nart-Bouran - CEO[61]
Nart Bouran
Prime Time 2018
David McCullagh
Ronke Phillips
Tony Connelly[22]
Tony Connelly
Joe Reddington - HS WEB
Joe Reddington
2023-01-22 Mika in Kharkiv
Mika Mäkeläinen
Ariane Bernard
Mark Little Headshot
Mark Little
Deirdre McCarthy MD for RTÉ News and Current Affairs
Deirdre McCarthy
Juan Carlos HS WEB
Juan Carlos van Meek
Kirsten Dewar
Charlotta Friborg
MicrosoftTeams HS WEB
Belén López Garrido
Angelina Fusco HS WEB jpg
Angelina Fusco
WEB HeadShotMehdi
Mehdi Lebouachera
Tara Mills HS WEB
Tara Mills
Una Kelly RTE[80]
Una Kelly
Secunder Kermani_Headshot
Secunder Kermani
Elena HS WEB
Elena Cosentino
Sasha Qadri Nov 22[68]
Sasha Qadri
Tira Shubart HS WEB
Tira Shubart
Annelies Beck
Sara Gillesby
Teresa Bo
Jean-Marc Mojon
Justyna Kurczabinska HS
Justyna Kurczabinska
Wolfgang Blau am 02.05.2019 in Hamburg
Wolfgang Blau

NEWS XCHANGE EDITORIAL: Features & analysis from the frontlines of news


Reporting from the frontlines of news

When telling the truth is under constant threat; when new generations are not interested in mainstream news sources, where AI could take all our jobs or revolutionise our industry, or both, where are the frontlines of news and how do we report from them?


Build trust and combat misinformation by using data

When you’re dealing with data, transparency is key. With several narratives, buzz, and complicated information out there, audiences need to be able to consume news and media stories that are factual and reliable to avoid misinformation.


Accuracy – the skill AI has yet to learn

Think about generative AI as a bright intern: Impressive at times, and with certain skills that your more seasoned staff may not have. Still, not to be given responsibilities without oversight.

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