John Sweeney

Veteran war reporter, John Sweeney, has produced a video diary of the war in Ukraine since day 1. His diary, his podcasts and articles are avidly followed by a growing band of supporters who fund his work by subscribing through the Patreon website and follow him on Twitter. John speaks about covering the war in Ukraine by this totally independent approach to frontline reporting - the risks and challenges - and the unique freedom it offers him to tell it like he sees it. John is a former BBC Panorama reporter, the author of fourteen books including the Sunday Times best-seller Killer In The Kremlin and the host of the number one UK Apple podcast charted Hunting Ghislaine. From before the start of Vladimir Putin’s ‘big war’ in February 2022 he has reported from the Ukrainian capital and the frontline for his 275,000 followers on Twitter. He lives in London and Kyiv.

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