Elena Cosentino

Elena Cosentino joins the session on Protecting Frontline Journalists: how to prepare frontline reporters better, how to support them when they’re back. Elena is the director of the International News safety institute (INSI), a member-based organisation bringing together 50 of the top news outlets in the world to raise editorial security standards and practices across the industry. From the fall of Kabul to the war in Ukraine, from covering natural disasters to countering online harassment, INSI provides a vital forum for networking and information sharing helping protect journalists’ collective ability to tell dangerous or uncomfortable stories as safely as possible. Before becoming director of INSI, Elena worked as a journalist and current affairs documentary filmmaker at CNN, ITN, BBC and others for over 20 years. She brings to her role nearly 20 years of field experience around the world covering natural disasters, wars, migration, drug trafficking, terrorism and organised crime.

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