News Xchange 2024

Message from Liz Corbin, Deputy Director Media and Head of News, EBU, regarding News Xchange 2024 edition.


Reuters Institute: Digital News Report 2023

The report is the most comprehensive news consumption research worldwide, created through 92,000 interviews, in-depth conversations and focus groups in 46 different markets conducted independently by Reuters Institute at Oxford University.


What is the point of journalism if no one believes you?

Our reporting has been drowned out by unchecked disinformation and easily manipulated social media algorithms.

One thing above all others has made me suspicious of the loudening cry that “cancel culture” is preventing free speech:  the continued popularity of Andrew Tate.


Build trust and combat misinformation by using data

When you’re dealing with data, transparency is key. With several narratives, buzz, and complicated information out there, audiences need to be able to consume news and media stories that are factual and reliable to avoid misinformation.


Accuracy – the skill AI has yet to learn

Think about generative AI as a bright intern: Impressive at times, and with certain skills that your more seasoned staff may not have. Still, not to be given responsibilities without oversight.


AI – a view from inside the machine

AI is only a tool, and it is up to humans to ensure that it is used ethically and responsibly – that’s how ‘Monica’, Open AI’s virtual assistant sees it.