Mjoll and 7Mountains


Mimir is a video collaboration and cloud production platform for journalists and editors. It is a production asset management system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with a range of features for finding the assets you need for a story, for asset management, sharing and collaboration. 

Customers are, amongst others, NY Times, GB News, Axel Springer, DPA, TV 2 FYN, Sky News Australia, and WHO. Mimir has received several industry awards, the most recent being the NAB Show 2023 Best of Show 2023 by TVBEurope.

Learn more about Mimir at the Mjoll website here.


Dina is a cloud newsroom and rundown system built for modern storytellers. Dina enables broadcasters to organise their workflow around a story rather than where it gets published. Dina has a comprehensive planning solution built into the NRCS itself, designed to eliminate the need for third-party software and enable the entire newsroom to perform day-to-day planning and plan future events and complex TV productions.

Dina is used by, amongst others, TVNZ, ausbiz, GB News, and TV 2 FYN. Dina won the Best of Show 2023, by TVBEurope, at the NAB Show.

For more information, visit the 7Mountains website here.