Registration will be open from from 8am Monday and Tuesday.


Global View: News leaders define the key issues facing the industry

Speakers: Nart Bouran, Chief Executive Officer, International Media Investments and Sky News Arabia; Charlotta Friborg, Head of Programming & Editor in Chief, SVT News; Mehdi Lebouachera, Editor-in-Chief, AFP Asia-Pacific Region; Teresa Bo, Latin America correspondent, Al Jazeera English and Marina Sapia, International Desk Chief, RAI Tg1 and Deidre McCarthy, Managing Director, RTE News & Current Affairs


The Frontline of War: views from inside the war in Ukraine

Speakers: Angelina Kariakina, UA:PBC Head of News (2021-2023), Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine: UA:PBC; John Sweeney, Writer; Clodagh Kilcoyne, Photojournalist, Reuters; Mika Mäkeläinen, Senior Foreign News Journalist, Yle and Belén López Garrido, Editorial Manager for News Strategy and Project Manager of the EBU


Reporting Russia

Steve Rosenberg, BBC Moscow Correspondent, on the daily difficulties of covering the Russian perspective.


Lunch provides an opportunity to visit the exhibitor stands in the extensive Forum area of the Convention Centre – where there will also be workshops, to expand on the themes of News Xchange. Details of the exhibitors and activities in the forum will be announced shortly.