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News Makers: Marina Ovsyannikova burst into a live news show with a placard reading ‘stop the war!’ What happened next?

Marina Ovsyannikova burst into a live News Broadcast in March 2022 with a sign reading ‘stop the war – they’re lying to you here’. In October last year, with her young daughter, she fled for the border with the help of the director of Reporters Sans Frontieres, Christophe Deloire. Marina and Christophe will discuss the protest, the escape, the situation in Russia today and how RSF supports other journalists at risk, around the world. Speakers: Marina Ovsyannikova, former Editor for Channel One, Russia; Christophe Deloire, Director, Reporters Sans Frontieres.


The Information Frontline: The growing challenge of how to make facts seen and heard against a background of misinformation

Facing the challenge to make facts heard or seen against a background of misinformation. AFP employs 140 journalists specifically to counter this threat and Faktisk has a far smaller team but is a unique Norwegian initiative which fact checks for all the leading media companies in the country.
Speakers include: Phil Chetwynd, Global News Director, Agence France-Presse and Helje Solberg, Chair of Faktisk and News Director at NRK.


Lunch provides an opportunity to visit the exhibitor stands in the extensive Forum area of the Convention Centre – where there will also be workshops, to expand on the themes of News Xchange. Details of the exhibitors and activities in the forum will be announced shortly.


Paul Bascobert, President of Reuters

Paul Bascobert, the recently appointed President of Reuters, addresses the changing landscape for the news industry: looking at the pivotal role of authoritative newsgathering – in an age when anyone can gather news; and the threats and opportunities presented by new technology, new video formats and AI.